Celebrate and express every side of you.

We are not born to be one thing. Each one of us is a mosaic of different memories and feelings. And, that’s what makes us authentic and unique. In fact, that’s what makes our life less boring. Myesens is all about that: we want to encourage everyone to celebrate and express every side of themselves. Every. Single. Day.

Your perfume is a pure form of self-expression.

Some people believe that one signature perfume can express their personality and mood. We dare to challenge that theory. Just think about the way we choose what to wear. We enjoy changing styles, clothes and colors depending on the way we feel (or want to feel). We don’t feel like wearing the same clothes every day. So how can we wear one single perfume and express the different sides of our personalities? Well, we probably can’t. We believe that we all need our custom wardrobes of scents to express ourselves without restrictions.

We are passionate about what we do.

Distilling the feeling.
Distilling the moment.
Distilling you.

How easy is it to distill real moods and feelings? Let’s be frank: it isn’t. But we are obsessed with the science of smell and perfumes. It’s our thing! A challenging and never-ending exploration that keeps inspiring us. At myesens, we focus on capturing real feelings, moments, and even people, into perfume bottles to help you create your wardrobe of scents and highlight your multifaceted personality. How cool is that?

Every single bottle has its own story.

Inspiration is all around us. We are a creative team moved by feelings, personalities, nature, faces, literally everything. We enjoy experimenting with new combinations and formulas before selecting carefully the best ingredients to create our high-quality perfumes.

However, our main ingredient is love. That’s why our products are paraben-free, toxic-free, vegan, dermatologically tested and with recyclable packaging. After all, our mission is your No1 mission: to love, celebrate and express every different side of yourself. Your true essence.

We are all in this together

Myesens is just getting started and we want to create a real and meaningful connection with you. What are the next feelings, moments, memories, or even real people you want us to distill? We’ll be thrilled to create our next perfumes based on your ideas. Send us some inspiration and vibes at hello@myesens.com

About myesens

We distill feelings, moments and real people into perfume bottles. Passionate about creating distinct scents that celebrate and express every side of you.

All our perfumes are

  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • In recyclable packaging
  • Made with love